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The ONDA LONGA is the evolution of our previous boards. It is the most versatile longboard; great for cruising and carving as well as land-paddling and kite-skating. Its 7" inch wheels with flat profile and sharp edge tires provide a smooth glide and excellent grip to the ground surface. This model is great for beginners and experts alike.

Deck - Bamboo top and bottom layered with Canadian Maple and fibreglass; flexible yet extra strong. Truck - Aluminium hanger, with chrome plated, heat treated steel alloy axles for extra strength. Wheel - Copolymer rim with flat grip surface 80A polyurethane tire Truck Bushings - Comes with a set of regualr 85A bushings and spare set of harder 90A...

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1 x Onda Land Paddle Replacement Grip with threaded locking bolt

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ONDA STREET is one of the best rolling performances on the market of top quality longboards; it is the Onda board with standard 75mm longboard wheels. Each kick (or paddle) will take you far ahead of the competition. With its deep drawn deck and low center of gravity, the Onda Street makes your rides extremely comfortable, safe and relaxing, even when you...

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Land Paddling is the most recent innovation in longboarding. Whether you’re doing downhill rides, cross country, or just boardwalk cruising, the Onda land paddle stick will give much more control, letting you go further and faster, while providing you with an excellent workout for lower and upper body. Its spherical elastomer base provides excellent grip...

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