Central SUP academy has been created specifically for our junior paddlers. With the Academy young people between the ages of 8 and 15 can get into the sport and progress through our levels to become competent paddlers.

Beginner’s start out as Minnows and will be able to take part in a 45-minute session that will take them through all the basic skills to learn how to paddle. Minnows will be issued a badge and certificate upon completing all the criteria set. They can then become……….

Stingrays! Our next level up, Stingrays will begin to focus on effective paddle skills and techniques whilst building their independency on the water. Stingrays will also have the opportunity to increase their fitness and paddle stamina too. Upon completion all Stingrays are issued with a certificate and badge. The last level of our academy is……….

Sharks! At this level Sharks will build upon a solid base of paddling skills and be given the opportunity to race train if they desire. Sharks will not only be great paddlers but they will also have the confidence and ability to paddle independently in enclosed flat water environments. They will be able to apply self-rescue techniques as well.

Upon completion of the academy Junior paddlers will be able to join in with our regular social sessions as we know they will be more than happy and safe on the water.

We also believe that the academy should offer more than just paddle boarding skills so we will also teach about the outdoor environment as well as health and fitness too. All academy members are issued with their own workbook and we have embedded essential life skills with the sessions too. Having a strong background in mainstream education we value the importance of learning and have applied this ethos into every class we teach.

Please contact membership@centralsup.com to book a free taster session.