About us

What is SUP with Central SUP?

Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP) can be a very social activity to be enjoyed by all. Our club paddles are simply that, a chance to come and meet like minded people and have a paddle at the same time. What a way to wind down after a hard days work jumping on the river and cruising with the flow. We have all types of kit ready for our club members to use, and you may even end up taking your paddling further by becoming one of our Central SUP team members who compete at all kinds of events across the country.

Joining the Central SUP Club

Getting out on the water experiencing the magic of Paddle Boarding right in the heart of the country couldn’t be simpler. Check out our membership page for details on joining the club. The Central SUP club has a friendly chilled out atmosphere and everyone leaves with a smile on their face. If you fancy coming along to see what its all about then get in touch and come to one of our paddles, we know you will love it.

We run our club paddles on evenings in the summer months and weekends all year around at 2 different locations, West Midlands waterski centre and Tamworth Castle grounds. Head over to our Facebook group to see when and where we are paddling from. Check out our membership prices, great kit hire rates and quality certified lessons to get you started on a life changing journey right here in the Midlands.