Jobe Carbon Pro Paddle 3pc + Paddle Bag

Jobe Carbon Pro Paddle 3pc + Paddle Bag

£ 249.99



Our featherlight carbon pro paddle 3 pcs is an true high-end performance warrior.

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100% engineered with light and excellent carbon - a carbon blade as well as a carbon shaft - and 3-piece adjustable to the rider's height. This pro-paddle comes with a comfortable t-grip handle delivering control to the rider. The wide and ergonomic shaped blade of the paddle offers power and cuts through the water like a hot knife through butter. A Jobe Pro-Paddle comes with a luxurious foldable paddle back with easy-to-carry shoulder strap.

  • Paddle:
  • Length: 180 to 220cm 3pc.
  • Blade width: 206mm, 8.1inch
  • Weight: 680g
  • Blade surface: 93.3 in2
  • Blade angle: 10
  • Clip with lever to adjust fast and easy
  • Stiff carbon shaft for the best response
  • Lightweight carbon blade
  • Comfortable carbon T-grip
  • ABS protector on edge
  • Paddle Bag:
  • Foldable to 100cm with strap for easy carrying

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